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Step-by-Step Guide: Renewing Your Charleston Medical Card Online

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It’s crucial to renew your medical marijuana card on time if you want to continue having access to the necessary cannabis products. You can be denied access to marijuana products until you successfully renew your medical card if you don’t do so before it expires.

The good news is that most states allow you to easily renew your online MMJ card Charleston. Discover how much it will cost to renew your MMJ card and how to do it online.

Renewing Your Medical Card Online

Pay particular attention to when your current medical card expires. While some states (like Massachusetts) permit you to begin the renewal process up to 60 days prior to expiration, others allow (or mandate) you to file 30 days prior to the expiration date.

If you have already been diagnosed with a qualifying condition, you probably won’t need to schedule an in-person appointment with your physician. Charleston MMJ Card Doctor specializes in convenient online appointments for telehealth, which are available in most states.

If you previously received your medical card through Charleston MMJ Card Doctor, you can update information if it has changed since your last application by logging in with the same email address, username, and password.

Here are the documents you will need for your telehealth appointment:

  • Driver’s license or another form of official photo identification issued by the government (passport, for example) 
  • Medical records, which may include information about your qualifying condition

Make sure to inform your healthcare provider of any changes to your medication regimen and any changes to your health status during your online appointment.

You must submit the necessary paperwork to your home state as soon as your healthcare provider gives you the go-ahead to renew your MMJ card. The medical experts at Charleston MMJ Card Doctor will walk you through the paperwork, which you will probably fill out online. Ultimately, before your renewal is formally processed, you will need to pay any applicable fees.

Depending on your state’s procedures, you should receive a digital card or a physical card in the mail a few weeks after submitting your renewal application. To maintain good standing in your state’s medical marijuana program, it is advised that you renew your medical card as far in advance as possible because computer errors and delays in U.S. mail can happen.

The Advantages of Renewing Your Medical Card

The main advantage of keeping your medical card active is that you’ll always have access to the whole range of cannabis products. In the state where you are certified, you can purchase cannabis products for smoking, edibles, and topical application with your medical marijuana card. You will still be able to obtain CBD products through tinctures, creams, oils, and other medicinal applications even if your medical card coverage expires.

Avoiding illegal marijuana use or possession is a benefit that is sometimes overlooked but comes with timely MMJ card renewal. Federal law still prohibits the cultivation of cannabis, and illegal possession of the plant can result in fines and other legal issues. If you continue to possess cannabis after your card has expired, you may still be subject to legal repercussions even if you don’t buy any products.

Furthermore, there is typically less paperwork involved when renewing your medical card before it expires. If your medical card has expired, you may have to spend more time filling out paperwork. Generally speaking, renewing a current card is a much simpler process than trying to renew an expired card or applying for a new one.

Remember when your medical card is due for renewal, and take advantage of the convenience of scheduling an appointment with Charleston MMJ Card Doctor up to one month ahead of time. When it comes time for you to renew your membership with us, we’ll send you an email, so you can relax knowing that you’ll always be able to legally obtain the cannabis medication you need.  

  • Costs

Since most states only grant medical marijuana cards with a one-year expiration date, renewing your card is typically an annual expense. Your medical card renewal will cost you two things: state fees and medical appointment costs.

  • State Fees

In the West Virginia state, renewing your card typically costs $50. Keep in mind that certain states have cards whose validity is equal to or greater than a medical marijuana doctor’s certification. In Illinois, for example, we advise that, if at all possible, the length of your state-issued card and your Charleston MMJ Card Doctor-issued recommendation match. In states such as Maryland or New Jersey, you will only be required to pay the state fee when your card expires—every three or two years, respectively—but you will still need to renew your recommendation with Charleston MMJ Card Doctor on an annual basis.

  • Healthcare Appointment Fees

The cost of your recertification appointment will also need to be covered. If you’ve scheduled an online appointment with Charleston MMJ Card Doctor’s virtual clinic, the cost to see a licensed medical professional is $199.

The Bottom Line

It’s never been simpler to renew your medical marijuana card online. It’s essential to keep your medical card current if you want to continue having legal access to cannabis products. Charleston MMJ Card Doctor’s virtual clinic is fully staffed with experienced medical professionals who can help you start your MMJ card renewal process online in minutes.

You should be aware of a $20 online medical card scam operating in West Virginia if you live in Charleston. There are multiple companies offering to provide you a $20 medical card; however, West Virginia does not offer such a card. Since these cards are illegal in West Virginia and may land you in legal hot water, the government of that state does not recognize them. Thus, you should be aware of this scam in order to avoid facing legal repercussions.